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Growing up is a time of great transformation in your son or daughter’s body. One of the significant changes include losing their baby teeth. During this process, there are several different things that braces could correct.

One of the most common reasons why Ora R. Canter, DDS Orthodontics advocates having braces is to address alignment or overcrowding issues. The chances of one or both of these issues developing in your child’s mouth increase if they had one or more baby teeth extracted when they were younger due to fractures or significant cavities.

Additional issues to consider are under or overbites. These problems occur when your son or daughter’s upper or lower jaw is larger or is positioned too far out from the other. This can seriously impair their ability to chew, affect their speech and lead to chips and fractures later on in life.

The degree of required adjustment will greatly influence how long your son or daughter will need to wear braces. This time could be increased if their braces are damaged or if they develop significant issues with tooth decay.

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