If you or someone you love suffers from a habit you wish to break, we may be able to help you. Specifically, if you suck on your thumb or place your tongue between your front teeth, we can recommend a tongue crib. A tongue crib keeps the tongue in a posterior position within while also preventing you from resting your thumb within your mouth. Most of our patients lose their habit within a few days using a tongue crib.

Another dysfunctional habit is teeth grinding. Many people grind their teeth when they feel anxiety, while other people may grind their teeth while they sleep. For these patients, our orthodontist may recommend a nightguard. A nightguard provides a small barrier between the top and bottom teeth within your mouth to prevent you from grinding your teeth. Even if you cannot completely prevent your teeth grinding, a nightguard can at least prevent your smile from being damaged.

If you or your child has a dental habit they need to break, please contact our office to learn about our services. Dr. Ora Rosenfeld Canter looks forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals! Learn about our services for habit breaking in Astoria, New York, by contacting our friendly team today!