Common Orthodontic Treatments

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Our orthodontist and team can treat a variety of malocclusion problems when we provide common orthodontic treatments. Dc Ora Rosenfeld Canter can fix open bites, crowded teeth, overbites, and other issues using various straightening systems. Please contact our office today if you want to learn more about our common orthodontic treatments in Astoria, New York.
We are committed to treating all of your orthodontic problems so you can reach a smile that is straighter, healthier, more functional, and more attractive_ Some of the most common orthodontic problems we see at our office include the following:


In an overbite, the upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth. This sometimes causes the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth


An underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends out, resulting in the lower front teeth sitting in front of the upper front teeth. Open Bite

Open Bite

An open bite is characterized by upper and lower front teeth that do not overlap. This often causes problem unwanted habits like tongue thrusting

Cross Bite

In a crossbite, the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. This may result in tooth stratification and misaligned jaw growth.

Upper Front Teeth

Protrusion In this type of bite, the upper teeth extend too far forward or the Lower front teeth do not extend far enough forward This can impact both the appearance and function of the teeth.

Dental. Midlines Not Matched

This orthodontic problem is caused when the back bite does not fit and match correctly, and it may negatively impact the jaw and proper dental function. To discover how our skilled orthodontist is able to treat these and other common orthodontic problems, we invite you to contact us today,

Our award winning orthodontics team will provide you with the care you need for that everlasting smile you desire all at an affordable price. We are located on Steinway Street in Astoria , NY  and service patients in the the nearby areas of Queens, including Long Island City, Woodside, Elmhurst, Corona, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights, Ditmars Steinway and Middle Village as well as the 11106,11105,11104, 11102 & 11101 zip codes.

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