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Part of Braces

Archwire – The metal wire that connects your brackets together and helps to guide teeth into a new position.
Band – The metal ring that is cemented around the tooth and allows a way for brackets to attach to the teeth.
Bracket – The metal or ceramic part of the braces that is bonded to the tooth and holds the archwire in place.
Coil Spring – The spring placed over the archwire and between the brackets in order to open spaces between teeth.
Elastic (rubber band) – The rubber band that you hook over certain areas of the braces in order to improve tooth movement.
Elastic Tie – The rubber band fitted over the brackets in order to keep the archwire in place.
Headgear – An external wire apparatus system used to guide jaw growth in children.
Ligature – The thin wire that helps to keep the archwire in the bracket.
Lip Bumper – An archwire attached to a molded section of plastic that keeps the molars back in order to provide more space for your other teeth.
Palatal Expander – An appliance used to widen the upper jaw.
Retainer – An orthodontic appliance used after a straightening treatment in order to keep your teeth in their new position.
Separator or Spacer – A small rubber ring that creates spaces between teeth.
Tie Wire – A thin wire twisted around the bracket in order to keep the archwire in place.

Orthodontic Procedures

Banding – The process of fitting and cementing the orthodontic bands to your teeth.
Bonding – The process of bonding brackets to your teeth using orthodontic cement.
Cephalometric X-Ray – An X-ray that shows the relative positions and growth of your face, jaw, and teeth.
Debanding – The process of removing orthodontic bands from your teeth.
Debonding – The process of removing orthodontic brackets from your teeth.
Impressions – A mold of your mouth which we use to create your braces and plan your straightening treatment.
Ligation – The process of attaching an archwire onto your teeth.

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