Recognized by magazines and media as a dental innovation, Invisalign® teeth aligners can help malocclusion patients whose bite is marred by crowding or spacing. With their Adult and Teen products, Invisalign correctors are used all over the country as a viable alternative to braces. Their clear plastic appliances are custom-fitted from a series of 3-D images taken of the patient. Using these, each Invisalign aligner neatly fits over the patient’s teeth, and with slow changes, move the teeth and correct the patient’s bite.


With daily wear, research shows that Invisalign can correct malocclusion, or “bad bite”, within a patient. Malocclusion may cause discomfort and other symptoms, due to increased stress on the jaw or teeth when biting. The causes of misalignment are often hereditary, with crowding and spacing problems often the cause. Both affect a large portion of adults, with about 13% of men experiencing spacing issues and 8% of women, while 24% of women face crowding issues along with 14% of men. Many adults find Invisalign products appealing—a more discreet way to adjust their bite


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Ora Rosenfeld Canter, D.D.S