Invisalign is more than just its attractiveness. It’s a game changer.  Sure, it’s convenient – candy is an option. It’s nearly invisible compared to the unmistakable visibility of braces. It gives patients the ultimate orthodontic product with plenty of benefits leading to both better health and less pain and discomfort. Today, most orthodontists nears you will likely provide this revolutionary product.

One of the most significant benefits of using Invisalign is providing patients with a good bite.  Braces and orthodontics were originally designed to provide patients with a pain-free existence and improve general health, not quite to deliver a killer smile – but that’s a pretty great bonus.  Without good health, what good is a great smile?

Aside from clearly straightening your teeth, Invisalign also aids in maintaining that the lower jaw is properly positioned with respect to the upper jaw.  Clicking and popping, pain in the joints, inefficient and painful chewing, the inability to chew and misaligned jaws are all symptoms associated with TMJ or TMD.  Teeth that are perfectly aligned allow the mouth to open and close unaccompanied by pain and the prolonged wear and tear of a misaligned jaw. Moreover, Invisalign aligners can correct pain in the neck, jaw and face. Wearing an Invisalign aligner over an extended period of time helps reduce pain from teeth grinding and sore facial muscles. Wearing an aligner is an excellent technique to alleviate the muscles involved in teeth grinding and thereby relieve symptoms related to TMD.

Having crooked teeth is not just a surface issue.  The bones that are holding up the teeth are also crooked – known as bone architecture – and this can cause problems.  Excellent bone architecture and gum positioning promotes overall better oral hygiene. Food impaction caused by misaligned teeth, another offensive influence on tooth health, make proper brushing and flossing more challenging. Food impaction is the root of some serious gum and teeth damage.  The misaligned teeth hold whatever caught up food in place, creating excellent habitat for bacteria. All this leads to gum recession and pain in the mouth. When the teeth are properly positioned brushing and flossing are much easier to more effective. It’s safe to say that properly aligned teeth are predisposed to be more self-maintaining and more self-cleaning.  Well, if it’s easier for you to maintain and clean, same goes for the hygienist. Properly aligned teeth mean quick and efficient appointments with the hygienist.

Interestingly, the position of your teeth greatly influences your ability to properly pronounce words.  Properly aligning your teeth can improve your speech. Consider the two upper front teeth – if they were to be too long, you may find certain words challenging to pronounce, possibly whistle when you speak or have a lisp.  Not only is your speech influenced by the positioning of your teeth, but your digestion is too. More efficient breakdown of food in the mouth and chewing also leads to better nutrient absorption. The mouth is, after all, the first step in food digestion.

Finally, aligners can be used for the rest of your life as a protective tool.  You can use it at night for protection against grinding, or if you have an active lifestyle, during sports like weight lifting or mountain biking.  It can even be used for whitening, which brings us back to what Invisalign aligners are really known for – their aesthetics. The fact that you can still look good while having your teeth properly aligned is just the cherry on top! Ask your local orthodontist about Invisalign today.

Ora Rosenfeld Canter, D.D.S