In the past braces were thought of as a right or passage for teenagers that needed an adjustment to their smile. While it is true that in this day and age braces are more common for adolescence, there are many adults that actively choose to wear braces to adjust their teeth towards a more functional or appealing alignment.

There are a few different reasons why an adult will visit Dr. [doctor_name] to have braces installed.

Sometimes the natural processes of aging can alter the integrity of your periodontal ligaments. This is especially true if you’ve had one or more teeth extracted in the past. This can result in a loss of structure that causes the surrounding teeth to twist and move to fill the gap. If these issues aren’t addressed, it can lead to alignment and bite problems or even increase the chances of chips and fractures happening on corresponding teeth.

An overbite or under-bite that was not addressed and corrected earlier on in life can sometimes lead to other issues later in adulthood. Many adults with these types of issues can have their smile and function of their mouth adjusted by wearing tradition wire and bracket braces.

Minor cosmetic imperfections in your smile can sometimes be adjusted in a short period of time using removal braces like Invisalign. Every two weeks you switch to a new set of clear plastic aligners that is tuned one step closer to your ideal smile.

If you are interested in learning how braces can help adjust your teeth for a more functional mouth and appealing style, please feel free to call Dr. [doctor_name] at [phone] to schedule a consultation.

Ora Rosenfeld Canter, D.D.S